DICKE food makes fun GmbH

finest, award-winning and especially selected delicacies of premium quality

Label Rouge /
the official label for high quality groceries from France

for ideas and concepts for the German retail food sector

The company was founded in 1997 from Wolfgang G. Dicke, who has been working within the agricultural sector since 1989 to support the German grocery market by finding exclusive products. The principal mission of DICKE FOOD MAKES FUN is the communication between the producer and retail. Due to our great success Dicke received the French Ordre de Mérite Agricole in January 2017. This Order of Merit strengthens and honours our concept and makes us proud.

We work with passion

We are a company with an extensive concept and program to market selected products with success at the service counter. Our goal is to convey the pleasure of high quality products. Regarding this goal we place particular value on employees with specific qualifications such as master butcher, nutritionist and food analyst.

Premium products at the fresh counter service

We import and distribute our products to service counters in German retail markets such as Feinkost Käfer, Schlemmermeyer, KaDeWe, Galeria Kaufhof, Gebauer aktiv-Märkte, Scheck-In Center, Hieber’s Frische Center, Edeka Kels, Feinkost Meyer Sylt, Edeka Struve, Niemerszein, Rewe Richrath, Rewe Rahmati, Rewe-Center H. Stanislawski & A. Laas, akzenta, as well as further Edeka-, Rewe- and famila-markets and Metro C&C.

Altogether our range contains 1.500 delicacies originating from approx. 80 little and medium-sized companies producing high quality meat, dairy products and traiteur articles. These companies are mostly based in France, Italy, Spain, England and Switzerland.
Quality labels like “label rouge” or Protected Designation of Origin are a matter of considerable importance to us. In addition all our products are tested by experts before being offered. Furthermore, we are certified organic according to Lacon Intitut (DE-ÖKÖ-003).

If there are any further questions we are looking forward to your request!

This is how you can benefit from our services

We import and distribute

exclusive and expertly selected fine food, mostly from France, Italy, Spain and England

We develop and realize

individually tailored concepts for the staff and customers of fresh service counters with a view to the future and provide the marketing instruments complementing them.

We train and motivate

German retailers and their staff by addressing their emotional experience, in order to make long-term strategies with high net margins work sustainably and long-term

We raise the standard

of fresh counter service through sharing relevant and practical information on the basis of individual needs.

Retail parter for ideas and concepts
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