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Strategic Commercial Partner for European Producers of Milk Products

We are a full-service company which manages the marketing and distribution interests of European specialty producers of dairy products for the German-speaking market (Germany and Austria). MÜNNICH fromage is also an importer in its own right.

We manage all tasks which are necessary for the sales and the development of a long term successful market presence. We are also an importer, invoicing customers directly and arranging logistics.

Our team is fluent in German, French and English.

Our direct customers are various cheese distributors who have chilled stores and refrigerated vehicles at their disposal and are able to place orders one week in advance and hold stock. We are also in charge of indirect customers, who receive deliveries via our direct customers, such as special delicatessen shops or supermarket retailers with cheese counters as well as self-service and premium quality gastronomy.

With more than 50 successful years of growth, we are a first choice partner for the German distribution chain. We supply numerous long term clients with a variety of high quality and selected cheese specialties. Our team is able to support you with further important product information in order to market these high quality products professionally. Being certified organic according to Lacon Institut (DE-ÖKO-003), we are able to complement our product range with high-quality organic products.

MÜNNICH fromage GmbH & Co KG
Strategic Commercial Partner for
European Producers of Milk Products
Vorm Eichholz 2
42119 Wuppertal
T +49 202 28156-0
F +49 202 28156-22
Ident.-Nr. DE 227 613 089

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